Original, by definition, means pertaining to the Source.
Well when you speak of the Original Woman
You are speaking of me, of course.
See I am the AKA, the First and Finest for All to Behold
I change Black Women to Black Pearls, I am 92 years old

By merit and by culture is the motivation behind my Strides.
An Alpha Kappa Alpha woman will always walk with Pride.
You see, being the Original Woman is not my only claim to Fame.
Service to all Mankind is our most esteemed aim

I am the Original, giving consistently of myself
Addressing pertinent issues, from AKAdemics to good Health.
Who made a commitment to do good.
A commitment to my people
And my Sisterhood

I am the hope and the dream of the impoverished and unclean.
When I grace the room you know the Pink and Green is on the scene.
I am intelligent, beautiful, finest yet sophisticated.
A strong black woman, college trained and widely Educated.

One time originated, three times imitated,
but never, ever duplicated,
I represent Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated!

Author Unknown

What is an Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman?

Alpha Kappa Alpha Mystique
Beauty unparalleled, grace undefined,
An Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman is one of a kind.
She walks in a room with her head held high,
Acknowledgement of her presences is an awe-filled gaze, or admiring sigh.
The Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman is regal and profound.
She is the essence of feminism and these qualities abound.
The Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman is honorable and oh so unique.
All of these qualities culminated,
Created the Alpha Kappa Alpha Mystique.

By: Soror April Draine
Zeta Delta Chapter

Phenomenal Woman of AKA

Gently graceful, yet elusively powerful.
The blood of kings and queens flows through my veins.
I am the living dream of my ancestors.
In the company of my sisters, I serve others selflessly.
The spirit of our founders guides me, their light shines within me ever so brightly.
I am the living dream of my founders.
I faithfully follow the trail these dynamic women have blazed.

Make way for this phenomenal woman of AKA.

The Struggle

In the beginning an ordinary piece of sand.
In the end, a priceless pearl.

We start at the beginning of the hill.
Getting to the top, is a matter of strength and will.

The surface is rocky, the slope is steep.
Sometimes we crawl; Once in a while we leap.
Over the invisible hurdles, strong enough to make us weep.

The mind is challenged, the body is worn.
The days are long, and the pride is torn.
But in the end, a new creature is born.

An Alpha Kappa Alpha woman standing sleek and tall.
Ready to challenge the world, unable to fall.

Alpha Kappa Alpha what does that mean?
Certainly more than wearing pink and green.

Alpha Kappa Alpha is deep down in my soul.
I AM an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman.
I am whole.


And God Said.

God Said,"I'll make a woman"
A women of substance,
A woman of pride,
A woman who is able to put
Petty things aside.
A woman of integrity,
A woman of love,
A woman who is worthy of
The treasures from above,
A woman who is genuine,
A leader in every way.
God said, "I'll make a woman
I'll call her AKA


AKA...and ??

In 1908, Soror Lyle wanted to make things better
So she created an organization
Where black women could come together
Shoot, I don't know about you,
But I think that was pretty clever.
It started in Miner Hall
When the ivy was on the wall
These women's talents were tall
And our Beloved Splendid Sixteen
Took on the challenge... held it to high esteem.
The four incorporators
Were the real innovators
Made sure the dream could continue
After that, there could only be imitators.
That AKA dream
Had us standing tall
It's been over 90 years
With all the work we've done, is that all?
We have many more miles to go.
More dreams to create.
More services to do
More goals to make Sorors!!!
We're gonna be 100 in 2008 !!!
So keep the tradition alive RE-ACTIVATE!!!
We, ladies of AKA have style, elegance
And so much flare.
We do our work with grace, class
And lots of care.
We don't settle for less
We go for the top... the very best.
We surpass all the rest
If you don't know, put US to the test!!!
So if anyone asks you, "Girl, why do you look so grand?"
Why do you walk so tall?
Why are YOU in high demand?
You just say ...
I'm an AKA... and??

By Soror Crystal J. Leotaud, Pi Phi Omega


In the beginning there was nothing, not a thing. And the Creator said,
"It is light that I will bring."
Then He thought, "I need something to shine this light down on,
Something devastating and indestructible,
Something I can put a crown on!
So He thought of "female" to bring illumination to the night.
It later became S-G-Rho, but He knew then it was just all right.
Then He thought of what would later be Z-Phi-B,
It was just a "girl." Then He thought twice and said, "No, no, no!"
I need something that's gonna shake up this world!
So He thought of "woman" - DST it would become one day,
But it still wasn't all that, it was just OK.
DST, S-G-Rho, Z-Phi-B would never step foot on this Earth first,
Never to be the original because they just couldn't quench His thirst.
Then it came to the Creator that His creation would have to be better than
Diamonds, rubies, more precious than gold.
He began to create it and all the heavens and earth rolled.
The Creator looked down to Earth and said, "Umph, umph, umph!" that day,
Because there stood His creation, the LADY AKA.
Alpha Kappa Alpha started 1908,
And as the Creator deemed it, all others would have to wait.
Alpha Kappa Alpha -3 words for a creation oh-so-right
And the "Alpha" sounded so good, that He put it in there twice.
Alpha Kappa Alpha, from her flesh all others came,
And after you see us break it on down, you will never be the same.


Conceited we're called Because we stand tall,
Uppity we're deemed
Due to our self-esteem
"Our noses are always in the air"
For looking downward we don't dare
And sophistication and class is a plus
Although others don't view it as much
Their thoughts are so remote
But when we were founded, Women couldn't vote
Civil rights were a luxury
In the early 20th century AKA was very political
Although they laugh and act very cynical
So remember the next time they jeer,
You were the FIRST to be here
Deleting all that was not good
And replacing it with SISTERHOOD
Setting a trend for all the rest
Proving that they could be the very best.
As ladies we must learn, Nothing is given, all is earned
With this in mind, You'll ultimately find
That it's a flair, It's a mood,
We call it AKATUDE

By: Soror Michelle Robinson

History of Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha Kappa Alpha women all over the world
proudly wearing their precious 20 pearls.

AKA, they founded January 15, 1908
at Howard University on that historic date.

Women called together by Ethel Hedgeman Lyle
chose pink and green their colors, a lot of class, a lot of style.

Women providing service to an outstanding ideal
through friendship, sisterhood and love so real.

Women blessed by God above, in friendship and love
in a sorority as precious and peaceful as the white dove.

Women, by culture and by merit too, who strive to do their best
through high standards, moral character, a lot of zeal

Women with strength and endurance like the Green Ivy Leaf
promote the goals of service and sisterhood in our great sorority.

Women like the rose unfolding in shadows of pink and green
demonstrate fine characteristics of womanhood serene.

Women in the Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, Germany,
Korea, Bermuda, England, and the USA
are working together in service and sisterhood the
Alpha Kappa Alpha Way.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Women all over the world
proudly wearing their precious 20 pearls.



I am Alpha Kappa Alpha
I was born in 1908 in Washington, D.C.
I was incorporated January 29, 1913.
I was nine young founders of old,
University women-courageous and bold.
Ethel Hedgemen Lyle - Young and gay,
Was the moving spirit to lead my way.
My history reveals that this founding few
Were determined that my experience would be meaningful, too

I am Alpha Kappa Alpha - A Sisterhood
With love and concern for each neighborhood.
I am open to women of high ideals.
Who serve mankind in all fields.

I am Alpha Kappa Alpha - A Greek letter organization,
The first for college women in our nation.
Concerned with my "image", I strive for the best,
I lead the way and challenge all the rest.

I am Alpha Kappa Alpha - Great things have I done,
My program projects have startled some;
Things that few would have dared to do,
I ventured out and succeeded, too.

"Supreme in Service" is my main goal.
Sisterliness in another one, I am told.
My motto "By Culture and By Merit" I've learned
Apple green and salmon pink - my colors I yearn.
My symbol "The Ivy" means strength and endurance.
These symbols we dedicate with true assurance.

I am Alpha Kappa Alpha - Continuing to strive
With committed women - my projects still thrive
I will always keep my torch burning bright,
Leading the way with my guiding light.

Soror Ruth C. Solomon
Gamma Rho Omega Chapter



A good SOROR is proud of herself. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks definition from the person she is with, nor does she expect them to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs.

A good SOROR is hopeful. She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. She knows love, therefore she gives love. She recognizes that her love has great value and must be reciprocated. If her love is taken for granted, it soon disappears.

A good SOROR has a dash of inspiration, and a dabble of endurance. She knows that she will, at times, have to inspire others to reach the potential God gave them. A good SOROR knows her past, understands her present, and moves toward the future.

A good SOROR knows God. She knows that with God the world is her playground, but without God she will just be played. A good SOROR does not live in fear of the future because of her past. Instead, she understands that her life experiences are merely lessons, meant to bring her closer to self knowledge and unconditional self love. SOROR Smile...YOU KNOW YOU HAVE IT GOING ON! So Keep ON Keeping On.